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In 1960 a Russian boy was born in the Moscow maternity hospital. His weight was just less than ten pounds. Nobody even thought that it was Vladimir Arkhipov – a future Russian star of photography.

A daredevil and bully he had a lot of troubles in the kindergarten, hardly graduated from high school and, overwhelmed with enthusiasm joined the Soviet Army's airborne troops. Having done his military duty, young and self-assured Vladimir continued his education, and afterwards he worked as a guilloche artist in the State Department of Goznak, dealing with the protection of banknotes and documents with the help of patterns. When he had perfectly developed the skill of filigree he had changed his profession to a graphic artist in reconnaissance. Vladimir has even tried to get enrolled at the Physical Culture Institute but his unruly reputation prevented him from that. Finally, he got a job as a retoucher in the newspaper «The Soviet Russia», where he met his professional mentors, owing to whom the art of photography became his lifetime interest.


In 1990 he was generally recognized as an art photographer in the international charity auction in Toronto where Vladimir was the representative from the Soviet Union hand in hand with such great photographer as Helmut Newton. It was the unique situation of this event when all the photographs of one author were sold during some minutes. It was indisputable recognition of art photographer Vladimir Arkhipov.

His life can serve as a basis of the book of humorous stories, which have became for folk stories after his regular master-classes and interviews.

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